Listed below a number of our aims and some of the expectations that we have of our suppliers in India, Thailand and Bali

1. Although fair and reasonable wages are difficult to quantify Open Circle expects all producers and suppliers to move towards improving wage levels on a regular basis.

2. Open Circle will not tolerate injustice or exploitation of any artisans or producers involved in production of any goods for Open Circle.

3.Open Circle expects that there will be no discrimination against women and that a woman doing the same work as a man will be paid the same wages as a man. It is understood that differentials in pay are based on differing skills.

4. Open Circle would like all producers to look after the social needs of craftspeople and wherever possible provide medical, educational and other social welfare measures for them and their families.
5. Where possible Open Circle would like to see the introduction of training programs in skill development, literacy programs, design input, quality control etc, for crafts people.

6. Open Circle is strongly committed to minimizing the use of chemical dyes that may be harmful to the environment and peoples health and now expects all textile products to be without the use of azo dyes.

7. Open Circle expects packaging to be environmentally friendly with minimum use of plastics and the avoidance of over packaging.

8.Open Circle expects products to be made without the use of fulltime or exploitative child labor.

Open Circle will do everything possible to help promote, distribute products that are made in compliance with the above conditions. It is expected that producers and projects will provide as much information as possible regarding materials used, dyes if appropriate and details of how products are made. Where dyes are used it is expected that there will be a minimum of bleeding of the dyes during washing i.e. dyes must be fast.