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Spiral Harmonizer Talismans
" Turbo Charge Yourself!"
"What if we all wore these spiral talismans filled with turbo charged water? Would the world live in bigger, better harmony? I am wearing one almost daily - will hope to inspire more of you to try these out. They are made in England by an amazing team of scientist visionaries. I love the spiral design filled with the energy of spirit of water transformed into its highest potential" - Ann Waters Weller


Spiral Jewellery

The Spiral is an ancient ornament and symbol, applications of which can be found as early as prehistoric rock art and hunter-gatherer carvings. Found as a natural ’motif’ throughout the environment, spirals reflect energy flows and as such have been used in magical contexts throughout world cultures. To the Minoans of Ancient Crete, spiral forms were symbols of eternal life and were used extensively as decorative art and to create elaborate coiled metal jewellery. In Celtic Europe especially Britain and Ireland, spirals flourished as an all over artistic motif and notably in jewellers’ art.

Today you can wear harmonizer spirals inspired by the ancient forms, that tune your body fluids with healthy vibrations. These harmonizers are almost magically filled with super charged turbo-spiralled water inspired from the research of Viktor Schauberger.

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shown in GoldClad

The Triple Personal Harmoniser is a portable device providing personal protection from electromagnetic radiations. It can be worn and used just like the Personal Harmoniser (below) to protect from any kind of electomagnetic pollution that fills our environment. It reduces electromagnetic as well as geopathic stress and promotes wellbeing.
The Triple Personal Harmoniser comes in 2 sizes:
Large - approxmately 2" x 2"
Small - approximatelt 1.5" x 1.5"

Silver Clad
Gold Clad

The Personal Harmoniser™ is a portable device providing personal protection from electromagnetic radiations. It is especially beneficial to users of mobile phones, but will protect from any kind of electomagnetic pollution that fills our environment. It reduces electromagnetic as well as geopathic stress.

2 Spiral Personal Harmonizers:

Copper  #PHDC -  $32.00


2 Spiral Personal Harmonizer
sealed in an attractive leather case:

# PHDC-LC -  $38.00

Four Spiral Personal Harmionizer:

Other styles and metals for this item are available direct from manufacturer. Click image to order direct. 4 Spiral Harmonizer

 1 5/8" x 2 1/8"

Copper/silver/gold clad (tri-metal)

Phi (Golden Section) Spiral Personal Harmionizers

The Phi * Personal Harmoniser, like all our Personal Harmonisers, is a flat spiral form made from copper tubing, filled with CIR imploded water. It is formed in such a way that the ratio between the widths of the large and small spirals equals phi; the ratio between the overall length of the Harmoniser and the length of the large spiral equals phi; and the ratio between the lengths of the large and small spirals equals phi.

The Phi Personal Harmoniser is available in two sizes: Large (5cm long and 3cm wide) and small/mini (3.5cm long and 1.8cm wide) and comes with a choice of copper, silver or gold plating.

*Phi is known to represent the proportionally beautiful. This relationship is incorporated into these Harmonisers in order to make them aesthetically pleasing and harmonious in their very form and energy. The Phi Personal Harmoniser celebrates the magnificence of nature: creativity and primal duality, the relationship between the physical and the spiritual and the need for balance.

Silver clad
Gold clad

Phi Harmonizers:
Large: 2" tall by 1 ¼” wide
Small: 1 ¼” tall by ¾” wide
Limited Quantities Available

PHPC- Copper: small $29, large $35
PHPS- Silver clad: available from manufacturer. Click here
PHPG- Gold clad: small $37, large $45

The Original Vortex Water Energiser™, when attached to the domestic water inlet pipe, energises all the water in the house – instantly and constantly. There are no further maintenance requirements.

Approximately 8" x 7"

Copper Only: Available from Manufacturer. Click Here

Installation information is included with the item.

According to customer Testimonials and independent scientific reports, Harmonizer Energizer products…

° Improve the taste and quality of water, food and beverages
° Increase the vitality in water, food and beverages
° Increase the freshness and shelf life of food
° Increase the user’s vitality
° Speed up the healing process
° Provide Pain Relief
° Protect from electromagnetic pollution, incl. mobile phone and computer radiation
° Enhance the subtle energetic environment in buildings
° Increase soil fertility

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