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I finally found your package. The front desk had misplaced the package and I had to have them dig through all the packages to find it....but, they did find it......and it is AMAZING!!!! The tapestry colors are extremely vibrant. This totally exceeded my expectations. The quality and colors are 100% better than what I expected. I will definitely be ordering another one soon. The quality and price are too good to pass up. Thank you also for the catalog. Your products are beautiful. Many thanks for the follow-up on this. I appreciate you time!
All my best,

I love Ancient Circles. There are so many companies that make it near impossible to speak with a customer service person that when you find a company that offers & excels in customer service you are almost beside yourself on how to act!

By the way it was Heather that always went above and beyond to assist me! Heather was helpful whether I was ordering or just asking a question. I don't think anyone likes to feel pressured to make a purchase. There was never pressure when Heather assisted me just great service, which is just the way to complete a sale with me.

Just let me know what I need to do to be of assistance!

Kathryn Jenkel

Hi, i just received my order (scarf and necklace) and i am totally thrilled with it all. its amazing. The quality of it all for the price is just great, im definitly going to order one of thoses scarf for myself, i just love it. Thank you very much.