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We are eager to bring you this collection of Celtic Textiles and Jewelry as well as other Divinely inspired jewelry and other items. As the world appears to move at an ever increasing pace, we are even more encouraged to dig into our collective roots, discover simple and classic designs and share all of this with you. Let us continue to learn from the past, live in the present and envision the future. We look forward to serving you and hope that you enjoy our presence on the World Wide Web. We welcome wholesale business inquiries, please call or email us with your request!

See more about us at Ancient Circles at a Festival, and learn more about Ann Weller here.

Annie travels to India to meet with textile suppliers. These trips are designed to create the best possible quality and a deeper understanding with suppliers about our need to have all items produced in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. Making good relationships across the ocean has helped in this endeavor. In 2006 she was lucky to be in Jaipur during Holi - the Festival of Colors. This festival celebrates the many colors of spring, by painting each other as a fun game...followed by a much needed "Spring Cleaning" of body and home. Perhaps the original tie dye was started by these Holi games!

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Ancient Circles is our name because the most universal and ancient of patterns are circles... the circle of sun and moon shining their blessings down on us here on our "circle" of Earth... time itself is a circle, each day beginning and ending with a new dawn... the seasons of the year passing yet into each other.... even our human life comes from that unknown place that holds spirit, passes through our conscious years until we rejoin that spirit realm again....

Open Circle

Open Circle is a further evolution, seeing the spiral nature of ever-changing nature...and  also represents the feeling we have after a ceremony when the circle is "opened" and now the work is to take our newly transformed selves back into the world with gifts of possibility. So we offer these gifts of Ancient Circles from our creative and transformed selves to you, in our ever-Opening Circle of friendship and recognition.

"The circle is open, and yet unbroken....merry meet and merry part...and merry meet again!"

~ ~ Annie Waters Weller ~ ~


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