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Medieval Circlets   Page 2

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All Circlets are adjustable
(Prices are subject to change without notice
due to fluctuations in the metals market)

Read about the Origins of Circlets & Ceremonial Headpieces

Celtic Wheel Circlet

Sterling Silver Celtic Solar Wheel
on Sterling Silver Circlet

#CIR-SWKS, $116.00

Celtic Pentacle Circlet

Celtic Pentacle Circlet
Sterling Silver with
5 element stones
#CIR-CP5, $150.00

Glass Drop Fillet

Glass Drop Fillet
#CBD in Bronze . . . .$29
#CBD-AB - Aurora Borealis
#CBD-BL - Blue Drop
#CBD-BK - Black Drop
#CBD-GN - Green Drop
#CBD-P - Purple Drop

Pentagram Drop Fillet

Pentagram Drop Fillet

Bronze - #CBP . . . . . . . . $29


All brass, wide-band Circlets are adjustable with leather cord (as pictured).

Sterling Silver 1 inch Cresent Moon
on Bronze Fillet

#CIR - $55.00

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